Own It Up, Dude!!

Abdul Halim Johar
2 min readAug 3, 2020

Someone once told me, we can measure the level of maturity based on how we own up to our problem. However, more often than not, we conveniently blamed others for our misfortunes. We rarely want to look inward and reflect it is our doing that screwed us up. That holier-than-thou attitude certainly will not bring us anywhere.

And it is a sad reality that is happening every day around us. Unintentionally, we flouted those blame game openly among our friends and colleagues, or even on our own social media channel. For those not in the know, the truth may be far from reality, as we tend to filter it. We demand sympathy in return, despite knowing full well we contributed to the problem.

Life is always about making a choice. It can go both ways, be it good or bad. It is an on-going struggle to calculate the risk of which choice do we need to take. Bad in calculating, and we have to face the consequence. If it turns out to be a good one, we will gloat that we are a good decision-maker. Regardless of whether it is good or bad, the decision and the consequence is always our own.

It goes back to the question of maturity. Obviously, as everything weighted down upon us to make a decision, it can be very immature to pin down to other people if things move a wrong way. Own it up, and be a man! People will appreciate you more for being an adult that understands most of the time, we can be the problem.

Originally published at http://www.circleasia.my on August 3, 2020.