The weekend was here again. This time around, we decided to bring Hani to join the hockey training that was organized by Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association in its stadium in Jalan Pantai. It was run on the weekend f.o.c to those between 6–16years old and obviously have some interest in hockey.

The session finish around 10 am, and we decided to stick around to watch the friendly match between the KLHA team and some girls school team from Singapore. It was a good friendly game, but we decided to leave after a while.

Since we decided to go and visit…

The relationship between the Linux’s open-source software and Microsoft has always been compared to that of the biblical story of David vs Goliath. That love-hate relationship has been ongoing since Linus Torvald released the prototype of Linux in 1991. Since Linux is a backbone that makes computer works, Microsoft’s edginess is justifiable, as it is a directly competing with Microsoft Operating System, such as those running on personal desktop and server.

The then CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer infamously described Linux as a ‘cancer’, thus it should be viewed suspiciously. As there is no face to represent Linux at that…

What I am about to talk today is something that we simply cannot run away. As the topic suggested, it is about something inevitable, that eventually we may have to face it one way or another. Benjamin Franklin once said, there were only two certain things in life; death and taxes. I would like to add another dimension to it, which is change. Change is certain, and technology is surely one of those change agents.

IR4.0 is the buzzword nowadays. Without fail, we are being reminded of how it is going to change our life. From self-driving cars to drone…

These are some of the pictures that I took in Sungai Semungkis. Pristine and original, yet easily accessible due to its proximity to the main road. The place was opened a week before the government announced the Movement Control Order (MCO). It was recently reopened when the government decided to impose a more relax Recovery MCO. I am so fortunate to be among those that can enjoy its beauty. Talk about having the perks of living in a small town called Hulu Langat, where pristine picnic spot is just a 10km away from the house.

Someone once told me, we can measure the level of maturity based on how we own up to our problem. However, more often than not, we conveniently blamed others for our misfortunes. We rarely want to look inward and reflect it is our doing that screwed us up. That holier-than-thou attitude certainly will not bring us anywhere.

And it is a sad reality that is happening every day around us. Unintentionally, we flouted those blame game openly among our friends and colleagues, or even on our own social media channel. For those not in the know, the truth may be…


Give me a book to read or to write, and I will be one with my element.

That would be the ultimate ‘me’ time that can satisfy me for a very long time.

Ain’t it boring? I know for some it can be very boring as hell. But for me, those are the time when I can really connect with my world.

The silence while consuming those materials can be very defeaning. Oxymoronic maybe, but the race of mind to give new meaning to the term, to generate the expression within the statement and to visualize the nuances of the…

I always have a penchant for photography. As far as I can remember, I started photography since 1992. It was when I studied in Canada that I pick up photography as a hobby.

However, I would not say I am a good photographer. All the while, I try to ensure the picture that I took, appeal the eyes of the people who look at it. With few pats here and there, I can safely say some people were impressed with some of it.

Along the way, I have used quite several types of equipment to supplement my hobby. This has…

Do you know why your parents send you here??”. I shook my head. Several others were shaking theirs as well. For several moments, they kept repeating the same question, before one of them provided their own answer.

They send you here because do not love you at all!!” .. an answer which was subsequently followed by their devilish laugh.

Until now, that answer taunted me and brings back all the memories of yesteryear. It was the very first time I was away from the family, at the tender age of my life.

Bittersweet most probably would not do justice to…

Much has been said about the recent incident in a temple in Subang Jaya. The news was plastered all over the media, and a lot of speculations are going around in social media on the cause of the incident. There was a suggestion that this is racial tension between the Malays and the Hindus as the supposed perpetrators were a Malays group has barged into the compound and ordered it to be vacated. It was then blown out of proportion and resulted in some casualties. …

Abdul Halim Johar

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